How to Respond in an Active Attacker Situation poster

Run, Hide, Fight: Surviving an Active Attacker

Penn State has adopted the Run, Hide, Fight program as part of the University’s ongoing commitment to the safety of those who are on our campuses to learn, live, work and visit.

The move to Run, Hide, Fight is intended to bring Penn State’s active-attacker response protocol in line with the national standard for active-attacker training.

  • Run, Hide, Fight is endorsed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, and it has been adopted by the majority of Big Ten schools (including Maryland, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers and Wisconsin, among others).

Run, Hide, Fight is simple yet effective, making it easy to understand and recall in an emergency: run if you can, hide if you can’t, and fight as a last resort.

  • Run, Hide, Fight is already familiar to many in our community, as most students are taught the Run, Hide, Fight method in high school.

Run, Hide, Fight Surviving an Active Attacker Training Video