University Police - Commonwealth Campuses


The office of Commonwealth Campus Police and Security Programs reports directly to the assistant vice-president of the University Police and Public Safety and is located at the University Park Campus. The primary focus of our unit is to work with the Penn State Commonwealth campuses spread across the state to insure each campus police or security department provides a safe and secure environment. 

In order to achieve this goal the office of Campus Police and Security Programs is responsible for: 

  • The overall development and management of University-wide police and security programs;
  • Working with University-wide strategic planning committees pertaining to safety and security;
  • Serving as a liaison with University executives, Campus Chiefs, local state, and federal law enforcement agencies;
  • Collaborating with the University's Offices of Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety, to review, analyze and recommend policies, procedures and practices related to training, safety protocols and emergency operations plans;
  • Developing goals, strategies, standards and plans for compliance with all federal and state laws and regulatory requirements;
  • Coordinating police and security resources to support special events requirements.