Audit Sign


Routine Access Control Audit

  • Routine Audit Form
  • Does not need reported to the Physical Security Office.
  • May be completed when convenient. A suggested timeframe is gallery below.

Local Access Coordinators (LAC) must be able to demonstrate that all keys and access credential devices (ADCs) assigned to the department are accounted for on a Facility Authoriation Request (FAAR) form on a quarterly basis. These audits are to ensure all key/ACS holders remain affiliated with the department/work unit. You may refer to the Routine Access Control Audit form for guidance. Quarterly audits do not need to be reported the Physical Security Office.

Annual Access Control Audit

  • Annual Audit Form
  • Required to be reported to the Physical Security Office by the Master Access Coordinator (University Park) or Director of Business Services (Campuses).
  • Audits should be reported no later than July 31st unless an exception was granted.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Physical Security at (814) 867-3051 or