Fingerprint Services

Applicant Fingerprints

(Non-Educational Employment)

Due to a recent change in state contracts for fingerprint services in Pennsylvania, University Police is unable to provide fingerprint services as this time as Cogent is no longer in business and stopped their services on 11/18/2017.  

For those seeking fingerprint services in our area, please visit: 

The new service provider for identity-related services is IdentoGO.  

We apologize for any inconvenience at the disruption of our fingerprint services at this time.  It is our hopes we will become an authorized IdentoGO location in the near future. 


Questions or special circumstances may call 814-867-6185 (Sgt. M. Himes)

State Department of Education and Department of Public Welfare Applicant Fingerprints

Applicants seeking fingerprint and background checks can find more information at IdentoGo for requirements and authorized centers in this area.