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Community Education

The following are some of the crime prevention programs offered by Police at University Park.

If you're interested in scheduling one of our crime prevention programs please fill out the Community Education Program request form. If additional information is needed about these programs or if you would like a program that is not listed, please contact the Community Education Officer.  

Alcohol Awareness

A presentation is given on the effects of alcohol and the laws and consequences. Fatal Vision goggles are used as part of this demonstration.

Operation ID / Engraving

University Police provide engraving tools and instruction to persons interested in marking and identifying valuable items.

Self Awareness and Familiarization Exchange (S.A.F.E.)  

S.A.F.E. (Self-Defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange) is a two hour introductory self-defense program that provides women with risk awareness, risk reduction, and personal safety information, in addition to a few very basic physical defense techniques. Prevention, options, strategies, and physical techniques are the key components of the S.A.F.E. Program. This program is offered free to students, faculty, and staff.

Office Interviews on Any Topic

The office staff is available for an interview by persons seeking information for speeches, papers, or news articles. Appointments are preferred.


Office Security/Safety


A presentation is given on office security, such as personal safety and theft prevention in the work place.


Participants may ride or walk with an officer on routine patrol for up to a two-hour period to gain firsthand knowledge of police procedures and operations.

Theft Prevention

Officers will present information on how to minimize the risk of becoming the victim of theft.

Sexual Assault Prevention

A prevention program that presents issues involving sexual assault and corresponding relevant statistics.

Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)

RAD is a comprehensive self-defense system for women. The program includes awareness, prevention, risk reduction, and avoidance, as well as options available to women during a confrontation or attack. RAD is a 12-hour program. The RAD class is free for Penn State students. There is a $13.00 fee for faculty, staff and the community, which is to pay for the comprehensive manual issued to all participants. Learn more about RAD.

Identity Theft

Officers will present information and precautions to be taken to minimize the risk of becoming the victim of identity theft. Learn more about Identity Theft.


Guidance on how to respond to an Active Shooter situation for Faculty, Students and Staff can be obtained through the StaySAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter Program, presented by the University Police. The StaySAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter Program provides information on the steps you can take to mitigate the actions of an Active Shooter.

The StaySAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter Program includes the following steps to protect yourself if an active shooter is in your vicinity:

  • Search for an exit: Do what you can to get to a safe place.  Leave the area in the opposite direction from any shooter.
  • Alert the authorities:  Call or text 911. Give as many details about what you saw or heard and your current location. Do not assume that someone else has called – you may have new information for the police.
  • Find a place to hide: If you cannot leave, turn out the lights of the room you are in, lock or barricade the door and hide until help arrives. Avoid hallways, turn your cell phone on silent, and remain as quiet as possible.
  • End the threat: This is a last resort when you have no other option, this is the life or death situation. Attempt to take out the shooter however you can.  If you choose this option, DO NOT hesitate and be decisive.

Additional information on general police response and how you should react are included in the program. The StaySAFE: Surviving an Active Shooter Program is available online with PSU ID web access at  (Reference Policy SY41)  

Centre County Law Enforcement Camp Cadet 

2017 Camp Dates

Girls’ Week: July 30 to August 5, 2017

Boys’ Week: August 6 to August 12, 2017

What is Camp Cadet?

Camp Cadet provides a week-long experience for boys and girls ages 12 through 15. They are exposed to law enforcement activities and are given an opportunity to know police officers on a personal basis. All cadets will develop new friendships and share experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Camp Cadet provides an atmosphere of a police academy. Emphasis is placed on leadership skills, team work and building self-esteem and self confidence in the cadets. Camp Cadet is open to boys and girls ages 12 through 15, who reside in Centre County, or who attend any school in the county.

For more details about the program and to see a video visit the Camp Cadet website.  

Penn State University Police is a proud supporter of this program and our police officers attend as Camp Staff along with other area law enforcement agencies.